Why do BoyMama’s need their own weekend at The Nashville Treehouse?

A few weeks ago a well meaning friend asked me why I’m hosting “BoyMama Weekends” instead of hosting a weekend for Moms of girls, too.  She felt like some of the issues I mentioned in my video a few weeks ago were relevant to any mom.

While I agree, we could all use a dose of honesty and transparency in the crazy world of being a parent, that’s just one of the takeaways that our BoyMamas tell us they receive while focusing specifically on a mom’s relationship with her son.  My experience has been raising sons as a single mom, so it’s become a passion of mine to help other moms build the healthiest relationship they can with their son while they have the time.

One of the unlikely gifts I embraced as a single mom was the acute awareness that my time with my boys was short and mattered more than anything else in my life.  I had an “aha” moment 16 years ago as I drove away from my beautiful home that I’ll never forget…

I knew that my treasure was the two little guys (ages 3 and 6) in the backseat of my car.

Out of the blue this week, an elder from my church who invited us to stay with he and his wife for a while back then, sent me a picture of my boys from those days that I’d never seen.  It was of their grown son with mine in their backyard on the Little Harpeth River.  As I looked at that picture, I was flooded with memories of those days when I was overwhelmed by the enormity of being a single parent responsible for their two lives. As hard as it’s been at times, I’m so grateful for the good things that have come out of our journey and the ways it bonded me to my sons.


All this to say…that’s why I’m hosting events for BoyMamas. Our events are for ANY mom of a boy whether single, divorced, married (some who operate as a single parent due to a myriad of circumstances) or  widowed.  Many of the moms who have attended our weekend have told us that it’s the only safe place they’ve been able to be honest about their own parenting inadequacies and failures, as well as a place where they’ve learned some ways to be a healthier BoyMama.

I’d love to ask you to watch this 10 min video of one of my favorite BoyMamas, Paige Cotton, as she shares how the weekend changed the course of her relationship with her son, Will.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a monumental weekend in the life of another Mom and would love for you to consider joining us in October at The Nashville Treehouse.

Click here to watch Paige Cotton


Much love to y’all this week.

PS. If you are a mom of a freshman in college, know that your tears and fears are a normal part of your journey and you’re not alone!  Check out some of my blogs about the painful process and embracing the new phase of life with your adult son.

For more info and registration for October 7-8 BoyMama Weekend go to www.nashvilletreehouse.com/events.


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