All of Our Sons


Today, like many of you my heart is still reeling from all of the events last week.As I scrolled through my Facebook feed and watched the news this morning, I felt the heaviness of all that is going on pushing down on my heart again.

We’ve been praying and grieving with those in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis and Dallas, but many are calling for us to do more than that.

As I watched this morning as two of the hosts of The View talk about the difference between “fearing for the life of one’s son when he leaves the house” because he’s black verses not fearing because one is white, it was again a reminder to me that we must find ways to unify our country instead of being part of dividing it.  If we truly believe we are ALL God’s children, we have to find a way for us to love and respect all lives, all of our sons and right now, that means doing what ever we can for those who have not been respected, protected and treated fairly and joining those who are crying out for us to see their pain as they protest “Black Lives Matter“in our streets.

My heart breaks for my friends who represent the millions of mothers who are fearful that their sons (and husbands) may not come home from work or school today. This unspeakable reality should not be acceptable in our society. As a mom of two privileged white sons, I can’t imagine how it feels to fear for their safety on a daily basis.I believe that as mothers in America, we need to wake up and speak up about the injustice going on around us!

I hear many leaders speaking out saying that American racism is being exposed at a new level and that we are being given the opportunity to do something about it… to speak… to act… to stand against hate and division.Racism is epidemic and not something that is going to change immediately, but we have to rise up and speak out or be held responsible for the injustice around us.I believe if we look for ways to love and promote unity in our corner of the world and to support everyone who is doing the same, we can make a difference. I’m grateful to hear from men like the police chief  Kerr Putney from Charlotte, NC and TD Jakes speaking a few days ago in Dallas

It is time for a new day in America.We can chose to be part of the solution or part of the problem, but as far as I see it, those are our only two choices.We have much more work to do to be the nation that we claim to be.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are” Benjamin Franklin.


Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.

Peace to you today, Kim

PS. I’ve been AWOL on my blog for a while and will share more of that with you next time, but in light of all that’s going on, I felt like this was more important than anything else I could say to you today.


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